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C3Nano CTO To Present at TechBlick Innovations Festival

June 22, 2023

Dr. Ajay Virkar of C3Nano will present on “Unlocking the Full Potential of Silver Nanowires: Highly Conductive Inks and Composites”

Silver Nanowires (AgNWs) have long been recognized as excellent building blocks for transparent conductive inks and coatings, but recent proprietary breakthroughs by C3Nano have led to the development of new classes of highly concentrated AgNW-based inks and dispersions with exceptional properties. In this talk, we will describe the advantages of NWs as conductive fillers in inks and composites over conventional fillers like silver nanoparticles, flakes, and carbon black/nanotubes. We will showcase AgNW-based model electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) and C3Nano’s SuperGrid™ ink, which demonstrate remarkable conductivity, flexibility, and substantial processing advantages over existing technologies. Additionally, C3Nano has created  totally new types of highly loaded and formable AgNW-based dispersions that exhibit low volume resistivities despite containing high amounts of solvents. This unique material holds potential applications in component shielding, soft and stretchable electronics, medical devices, and robotics to name a few. Join us to discover how these advancements are unlocking the full potential of silver nanowires and changing the landscape of and possibilities of conductive materials and electronics.


June 22, 2023
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