Silver Nanowires Enable New Devices for Medical and Life Sciences

C3Nano offers an ideal platform for next-generation development. Owing to Activegrid’s flexibility, stretchability, and low temperature process, it is an idea platform for the next generation bio sensors. Additionally, our ultra thin (~100 nm thickness) structures ensure excellent breathability and permeability.

Unlocking Innovation for Flexible, Stretchable Electronics

Our flexible conductive materials empower the advancement of biomedical and life sciences solutions.

Low Temperature Curing

Materials can cure and form smart surfaces at room temperature.

Flexibility, Stretchability, Breathability

Our materials are pliable and permeable with highly malleable conductors.

Excellent Optical Quality

For optical applications, our materials deliver the industry’s best optical performance.

High Conductivity

Our materials are highly conductive under a variety of conditions.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

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