Silver Nanowires for Advanced Printed Electronics

Using C3Nano’s silver nanowire formulations and dispersions as an advanced fillers opens up a world of possibilities in conductive paste and composites for printed electronics. As the industry undergoes a transformative shift toward additive printed designs, reimagining materials and printing processes becomes paramount. At C3Nano, we spearhead this evolution with our cutting-edge silver nanowire product portfolio.

Technology for Better Printed Electronics

Elevate your printed electronics with our cutting-edge silver nanowire inks and dispersions, unlocking unparalleled possibilities in flexible conductive materials.

Improved Curing

Products utilizing silver nanowire fillers can enable fast curing.

Improved Performance

Better thermal and electrical conductivity.

Low Loading for Percolation

Silver Nanowire can adhere with high conductivity and low loadings: 10,000s/cm@<10%wt silver.

Variety of Print Methods

Methods include ink jet, spray, and screen printing.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

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