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C3Nano’s ActiveGrid™ conductive ink and films offer the best combination of optical performance, low resistivity and cost of any transparent conductive material in the world.  Our product is a silver nano-wire based ink that is solution coated at five times the production rate of vacuum coated ITO.  Because these inks are not ceramic as  is ITO, they are flexible and can be dynamically flexed over 200,000 times.

C3Nano materials have already shown to be more durable, mechanically stronger and more robust than ITO.

Solution Process-able

No sputtering required. Our materials can be coated using standard solution coated systems onto a wide range of flexible films and substrates, opening the door to a variety of performance enhancement features and opportunities to lower your cost.


Our conductive inks are formulated for high performance and superior mechanical properties for flexible, foldable and even stretchable electronic displays and devices. When coated onto plastic or elastomeric substrates, our films are capable of handling several thousand flexing cycles at greater than 20% strain.

Versatile – Printable and Pattern-able

Depending on the application and manufacturing requirements, C3Nano’s transparent, conductive materials can be patternable via standard photolithograph and laser tools.  Pattering C3Nano’s product does not require customer equipment.

Low Cost of Ownership

It is estimated that the TCF layer cost using C3Nano technology is about one-fifth the cost when compared to sputtered ITO. Our materials can be used with existing slot die coating processes so that capital expenses entry is low.