C3Nano Silver Nanowire Technology Platform Helps Launch Innovations

At the core of C3Nano’s comprehensive platform lies our cutting-edge silver nanowire technology, driving technological breakthroughs across a myriad of industries. Our team of dedicated scientists and engineers, empower our customers through every stage of development, from initial ideation and prototyping to seamless scale-up.

Access to Global Technology, Supply Chain, Research and Development, & More

Working with us gives you industry access to the top technology, manufacturing, and application engineering experts around the world.

Quality & Performance

The best in flexible, stretchable, printable, and transparent conductive materials for countless uses.

Custom Solutions

Engineers work with customers to prototype and customize silver nanowire technology solutions.

World-Class Supply Chain

We’ve cultivated international resources and manufacturing connections for over a decade.

Access to Industry Leaders

We have relationships with world-class companies that can help launch products featuring our silver nanowire technology.

How Nanoglue® Technology Fuses Silver Nanowire

The key to C3Nano’s industry-leading performance is its proprietary Nanoglue technology, which acts to fuse the silver nanowire (AgNW) into a conductive network.

Nanoglue technology is effective in lowering sheet resistance to 10 ohms per square or less, while maintaining excellent optical transparency and low haze.

A Look Into Nanoglue Technology

See why our Nanoglue silver nanowire technology outperforms that of our competitors.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

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