Silver Nanowire – an Advanced Conductive Filler & Transparent Conductive Materials

At C3Nano, our cutting-edge silver nanowire technology and proprietary formulations empower us to craft top-tier transparent conductive inks, films, and advanced fillers tailored for diverse applications and partners.

Silver Nanowire Technology as a Conductive Filler

Owing to their unique geometry and network structures, our nanowires are being utilized as advanced fillers in novel and high performing inks, conductive adhesives and composites.

Silver Nanowire Enables Innovation

Our silver nanowire-based products allow for the creation of new solutions in a wide range of industries.


C3Nano silver nanowire is an excellent option for 2.5D/3D surfaces and devices.

High Conductivity

Our silver nanowire offers exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity at a much lower loading than traditional conductive fillers.

High Optical Performance

It delivers the industry’s best optical performance.

Process Friendly

Silver nanowires can be dispersed in environmentally friendly solvents and processed at lower temperatures, which is ideal for many chemical and temperature-sensitive substrates and surfaces.

Features of Silver Nanowire

  • Activegrid™ achieves high transmission, low haze, and low b* over a wide range of sheet resistances (10 – 100 Ω/□).
  • Low-cost alternative to ITO, for applications like touch panel, transparent heating, OLED displays, OLED lighting, EMI shielding, E-paper, LCD and solar cells.
  • Activegrid Ink is suitable for any standard industrial coating process and can be coated at wide range of resistivities by varying the coating parameters.
  • Ambient coating conditions make Activegrid Ink perfect for temperature-sensitive substrates like PET, COP, PC, and Transparent Polyimide (TPI™).
  • Coated films using Activegrid Ink are highly durable, corrosion resistant, and stable at high temperatures and high humidity.
  • Coated films are also highly flexible and fatigue-resistant, enabling formable and flexible products.

The Performance Leader

C3Nano silver nanowire technology is used in conductive inks, pastes, adhesives, and films enabling flexible touch displays, shielding, transparent heaters, IR reflecting, smart windows, photovoltaics, and biosensors.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Printed Electronics
  • Clean Tech
  • Life Sciences

Consumer Electronics

Our technology enables next generation consumer electronics and supports hundreds of millions of smartphones and devices.


Our transparent conductive films, inks, and coatings facilitate transparent heating, smart surfaces, and accent lighting in the automotive and electric vehicle industries.

Printed Electronics

Utilizing silver nanowires unique structure we can enhance electrical and thermal performance and enable new features for printed electronics.

Clean Tech

Our silver nanowire-based technology can be used in smart windows, solar cells, and thermal rejection (or insulation).

Life Sciences

Our flexible conductive materials enables researchers to develop biosensors and medical devices that require electrical and thermal functionality on flexible and temperature-sensitive substrates.

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