Silver Nanowires Expand Options for Consumer Electronics

C3Nano’s Silver Nanowire technology offers opportunities to innovate and create conductive film and flexible materials offering manufacturers unprecedented opportunities to innovate and create cutting-edge devices and components. With a proven track record, our technology has already been integrated into over one hundred million smartphones along with a pipeline of the next generation of devices.

Flexible Conductive Materials for Consumer Electronics

Whether you’re designing next-generation wearables, enhancing connectivity in smart devices, or revolutionizing interface technology, our conductive materials are the cornerstone of your success.


C3Nano’s silver nanowire based solution is an excellent option for 2.5D/3D surfaces and devices.

High Conductivity

Our electrically conductive film offers exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity at a much lower loading than traditional conductive fillers.

High Optical Performance

C3Nano Activegrid™ films deliver the industry’s best optical performance.

Process Friendly

Silver nanowires can be dispersed in environmentally friendly solvents and processed at lower temperatures, which is ideal for many chemical and temperature-sensitive substrates and surfaces.

User Case Library

Flexible Devices

Interactive Display

Smart Phones and Tablets

Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

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