UltraNW for Applications Requiring High Durability Conductive Material

UltraNWs are the industry’s most advanced nanowires. Using proprietary technologies, silver nanowires are plated with a nano-scale noble metal coating to create core-shell UltraNWs which exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, reliability and durability. UltraNWs are perfectly suited for applications across automotive, industrial, aerospace, and cleantech sectors.

Patented Plating Technologies Offer Durability and Corrosion-Resistance

Our UltraNW products exhibit exceptional performance, making them ideal for harsh environments such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy industry.

Corrosion resistance

UltraNW provides superior durability from oxygen and chemicals.

Temperature resistance

UltraNW elevates silver nanowire’s temperature, voltage, and power density tolerance.


The noble-plated surface offers better biocompatibility.

Process friendly

Silver nanowires can be dispersed in environmentally friendly solvents and processed at lower temperatures, ideal for many chemical and temperature-sensitive substrates and surfaces.

Features of Ultra-Nanowire™

  • Unique plating technology only available at C3Nano
  • Excellent thermal/corrosion/chemical stability
  • High temperature resistance (>300°C)
  • Available with gold, platinum, palladium, etc. plated

The Performance Leader

C3Nano silver nanowire technology is used in conductive inks, pastes, adhesives, and films enabling flexible touch displays, shielding, transparent heaters, IR reflecting, smart windows, photovoltaics, and biosensors.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Printed Electronics
  • Clean Tech
  • Life Sciences

Consumer Electronics

Our technology enables next generation consumer electronics and supports hundreds of millions of smartphones and devices.


Our transparent conductive films, inks, and coatings facilitate transparent heating, smart surfaces, and accent lighting in the automotive and electric vehicle industries.

Printed Electronics

Utilizing silver nanowires unique structure we can enhance electrical and thermal performance and enable new features for printed electronics.

Clean Tech

Our silver nanowire-based technology can be used in smart windows, solar cells, and thermal rejection (or insulation).

Life Sciences

Our flexible conductive materials enables researchers to develop biosensors and medical devices that require electrical and thermal functionality on flexible and temperature-sensitive substrates.

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