Silver Nanowire Transforms Clean Tech

C3Nano’s Activegrid™ offers superior optics and high conductivity for high-performance smart windows (LC, PDLC, electrochromics) and solar cells (thin-film, organic, perovskites). Additionally Activegrid reflects longer wavelengths (IR) while maintaining high optical clarity ideal for thermal insulation applications.

Innovative Silver Nanowire Inks, Film, & Materials for Super Optoelectronics

C3Nano’s innovative products make significant contributions to various fields such as solar management, infrared (IR) rejection, photovoltaics, smart windows, and beyond. Our offerings include:

Excellent Performance

Clean tech benefits from superb performance in optoelectronics and electrochromic devices and others.

High Transmission

Water based formulations and low processing temperature.

Low Emissivity

Activegrid™ reflects far IR and longer wavelength while maintaining high transparency and optical clarity.

Lower Cost

C3Nano solutions are priced to be amenable with R2R processing and retrofitting.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

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