Dr. Virkar Presents at Bay Area SID in Santa Clara, CA.

Dr. Ajay Virkar, an invited presenter, will discuss C3Nano’s unique technology, utilizing novel chemistries and materials to create the highest performing, flexible transparent conductor, ActiveGrid™. The underlying physical chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics of ActiveGrid™ formation will also be described. Advanced technologies related to manipulating and improving optics and flexibility will also be covered. 

Meeting Time & Date: 
Wednesday, August 23, 2017. 
The presentation starts sharp at 6:00 PM.  Please try to arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. Park in the available parking areas. Everyone is welcome, including non SID members.

Meeting Location:
Qualcomm, 3165 Kifer Road, Building B Cafeteria, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Live Demos 
C3Nano will be presenting live demonstrations of their products at the seminar.

Complimentary After-Meeting Pizza Location:
Great American Round Table, 1220 Oakmead Pkwy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

C3Nano has developed the highest performing (solution coated) flexible conductor (ActiveGrid™); ActiveGrid™, a patented technology, employs “NanoGlue®” a proprietary chemical sintering agent that fuses metallic nanowires (NMs) into a nanoscale metallic grid upon coating and drying. The ability to deliver the minimal amount of metal and still achieve low resistances engenders ultra-low haze transparent conductors which are being integrated into a variety of touch sensors and displays. The nanoscale nature of the ActiveGrid™ material allows for incredible flexibility and robustness. In this presentation, ActiveGrid™ will be compared to the incumbent transparent conducting technology for display applications (ITO), as well as other potential replacement solutions. Novel other technologies being developed at C3Nano including manipulating color of transparent conductors, and advanced extremely durable materials for emerging applications will also be covered.  Finally, the supply chain for next-generation and flexible devices, C3Nano’s key industrial partnerships, and a technology roadmap will be discussed.A special BASID event with four speakers giving an overview of Display Week 2017.
Ajay Virkar, PhD., is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at C3Nano. He helped C3Nano win the Grand Prize at the MIT Clean Energy Competition and the NASA “Game Changer” Technology (2010). To date, he has also helped the C3Nano raise four rounds of venture and strategic capital totaling more than $40 million.  Ajay completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering under the guidance of Professor Zhenan Bao at Stanford University, where he investigated and improved the performance of thin film conductors and semiconductors. He was awarded the Springer Prize and Melvin P. Klein Award (from SLAC) for his doctoral research. He completed his BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (with honors) from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Ajay has been an invited speaker to numerous industrial and academic forums to discuss technology and entrepreneurship. He has more than twenty patents (issued or pending) and has co-authored eleven technical publications in peer-reviewed journals.