C3Nano Again Defeats Cambrios Film Solutions in U.S. Patent Court

Cambrios’ Second Attempt to Invalidate a C3Nano NanoGlue™ Patent Also Fails Before U.S. Patent Trials and Appeals Board

HAYWARD, CA – September 3, 2019C3Nano Inc., the world’s performance leader in silver nanowire-based transparent conductive inks and films used in flexible displays, touchscreens and other products, announced today its second intellectual property victory, defeating Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation’s (CAM’s) attempt to invalidate one of its patents, (US Patent  No. 9,447,301); this is one of several key patents in C3Nano’s extensive international intellectual property (IP) portfolio related to its proprietary NanoGlue™ fusing technology, which is required to achieve optimal performance for nanoscale metallic transparent conductors. C3Nano thus maintains the world’s most important IP portfolio related to silver nanowire-based transparent conductive inks and films, and once again demonstrates its unique advantages and industry leadership.

On August 27, 2019, the U.S. Patent Trials and Appeals Board denied institution of inter partes review (IPR) requested in a petition filed by CAM on February 20, 2019.  The denial of institution issued by the Board brings an end to the proceeding filed by CAM.  This is the second denial of institution by the Board within the past three weeks of an IPR filed by CAM against a C3Nano patent.  The Board issued the first denial of an IPR filed by CAM on August 9, 2019. In both instances, the Board ruled that the arguments presented by CAM failed to meet the standard of a reasonable likelihood that the Petitioner (CAM) would prevail to establish invalidity of commercially significant claims and intellectual property.

NanoGlue technology is the key differentiator enabling the use of silver nanowire-based conductive films and inks for advanced commercial applications such as ultra-high resolution flexible screens, curved screens, wearables, and other next-generation display products.

In early 2019, CAM also withdrew two invalidation proceedings filed in China attempting to invalidate two of C3Nano’s Chinese patents after having difficulty presenting its case to the Chinese patent review authorities. CAM’s inability to maintain and support challenges to C3Nano’s patents demonstrates the strength of C3Nano’s NanoGlue technology and the commercial viability of C3Nano products, and further establishes C3Nano as the industry leader.

“CAM’s frivolous IP challenges have caused unfortunate distractions and setbacks to our industry as a whole. Rather than focus on technology advancement and commercialization, CAM has focused on intimidation and trying futilely to win in courts. Our customers depend on us to deliver the best technology and products, and C3Nano is clearly the leader,” said Cliff Morris, CEO of C3Nano. “C3Nano calls on all customers, partners and fair-minded competitors to constructively work together to make silver nanowire-based technologies successful as a whole, and not be intimidated by CAM’s ongoing destructive behavior.”

Through customer wins and partnerships—such as the recent news that Hitachi Chemical Company qualified C3Nano’s ActiveGrid™ ink for mass production and is integrated in several flexible display devices in 2019—C3Nano is extending its lead in the race for commercialization of silver nanowire-based inks and films. C3Nano will continue to vigorously defend its valuable global intellectual property rights, and the company is committed to providing the highest performing materials for new generations of display products through its production facilities in Hayward, Calif., and Changzhou, China.