C3Nano Announces Scaling-Up of its Ultra-Nanowires™ Product Line: Plating Technologies Propel Nanowires to a New Level and Enable Novel Industrial Applications

More Robust and Reliable Nanowire Opens Countless New Conductive Composite and Coating Applications for Smart Adhesives, Aerospace, Anti-Static, Shielding, Biocompatibility, Heating, Automotives and Cleantech

October 12, 2022 09:31 ET | Source: C3Nano

HAYWARD, Calif., Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — C3Nano, Inc. (C3Nano) the performance leader in nanowire-based technologies and conductive inks, today announced plans to scale up its Ultra-Nanowire product line advancing new industry applications with plated nanowires. Based on C3Nano’s patented core-shell nanowire technologies silver nanowires are plated with nano-scale coatings of a noble metal (e.g., platinum, gold, palladium), resulting in a far more robust and reliable material set that is ideally suited for advanced composites, conductive coatings biocompatibility, and harsher applications in heating, automotive, aerospace and cleantech.

Applying the nanoscale noble metal protective coating imparts dramatically improved thermal, chemical, and corrosion stabilities, while preserving excellent electronic properties. Compared to conventional nanowires, Ultra-Nanowires can be processed at much higher temperatures, and remain electrically conductive opening new applications and opportunities in conductive composites, coatings, heating, and dissipation, shielding, grounding, anti-static, transparent heating, medical devices, molding, forming, and 3D printing.

Films and composites made from Ultra-Nanowires can demonstrate exceptional reliability when subject to hard testing like 85C/85%RH, or direct exposure (without additional protective coatings) to UV light and harsh chemicals. For heating applications, the improved durability and thermal stability also enables much higher power densities, currents, and temperatures compared to conventional nanowires-based systems. Furthermore, coatings can improve biocompatibility and biorthogonality.

The announcement of plans to scale the Ultra-Nanowires technology follows C3Nano’s recent breakthrough on conductive inks processable at room temperatures enhancing C3Nano’s ability to electrify a multitude of new materials and surfaces over vast temperatures and process ranges and further strengthens C3Nano’s position as the premier supplier of nanowire-based technologies.

“Scaling and commercialization of the Ultra-Nanowires will permit our customers and partners greater freedom in designing and incorporating our materials in their products and devices. Our Ultra-Nanowires will become a key enabling material in multiple large and emerging markets. We are excited to continue our development with our current partners and empower totally new technologies for others with these precisely engineered and novel nanomaterials,” said Dr. Ajay Virkar, CTO of C3Nano.

New Applications

Nanowires are known to be excellent electronic additives but could not be fully utilized in the multibillion-dollar conductive composites market often due to processing limitations. These Ultra-Nanowires are much ‘tougher’ and may be ideal candidates for electronic fillers when incorporated into plastics and resins to impart electrical or heat conduction. These would open upon countless conductive composite applications, including conductive adhesives, aerospace, biomedical devices, anti-static, shielding, and coating applications like solar cells, and smart windows, etc.

Being tolerant to much higher temperatures and current densities, Ultra-Nanowires are ideal for the emerging field of transparent heating and shielding, especially in the automotive market where new materials and solutions are required to address large opportunities in EV, LiDAR, and smart/autonomous cars.

TechBlick Conference Announcement

C3Nano CTO and co-founder Ajay Virkar, PhD will be speaking at the TechBlick LIVE! The Future of Electronics Reshaped Conference and Exhibition. His presentation titled, ‘A Platform Technology to Revolutionize Electronics and Smart Surfaces: Nanomaterials, Inks, Coatings and Composites,’ will be given on Day Two of the conference, October 13.
The conference takes place October 12th and 13th in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Partner Development Platform

As part of the launch of the new Ultra-Nanowires product line C3Nano is seeking customers and development partners for its novel Ultra-Nanowires technologies. C3Nano believes several unique applications including, Heating, direct conductive filler inclusions into melt/extrusion plastics, conductive adhesives and composites, 3D printing, bio-medical, and aerospace may all be viable and attractive applications to target.

About C3Nano

C3 Nano, Inc. is the performance leader in nanowire-based technologies, and conductive inks that transform advanced materials and the smart surface industry. The Company is accelerating the depth of innovation through its electronic materials platform and nanowire-based technology solutions. C3Nano’s products are used by global manufacturers of mobile devices, notebook computers, and tablets, consumer electronics, automotive, cleantech and life science applications, enabling electrical conductivity and new functionality upon any surface.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, C3Nano operates manufacturing, sales, and technical support facilities in the U.S. and throughout Asia. More information about C3Nano is available at www.c3nano.com.

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Robert Collins

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