C3Nano Announces Official Opening of China’s First Large-Scale Production Center


Hayward, California, USA and Changzhou, Jiangsu, China–(Canadian)–C3Nano (C3Nano), the core technology of touch, display and flexible electronics industry, based on nano-silver based transparent conductive technology The leader announced today that it has officially opened its scale production center in Changzhou, China.

With the support of the Changzhou National High-tech Zone, the 14,373-square-foot facility will become C3Nano’s Asian production center and China headquarters. C3Nano China is committed to producing its leading ActiveGridTM range of transparent conductive pastes and films. This state-of-the-art center will also undertake C3Nano’s Asian customer support, supply chain management and application development.

Director Wang Yuwei of Changzhou National High-tech Zone Management Committee said: “We are very pleased to cooperate with C3Nano and its management team to fully support the key materials needed to produce this global display industry in Changzhou National High-tech Zone. We look forward to working with C3Nano Establish a successful partnership.”

The official opening of the center in December 2018 is critical to supporting the growing demand for flexible touch and OLED displays, which are core components of the next generation of flexible handsets and other flexible mobile devices worldwide. C3Nano’s performance-first transparent conductive film has recently been successfully selected as a key supply resource for a next-generation flexible display product and is widely recognized by industry peers as a leading supplier to this key industry.

“We are honored to be able to establish our scale production center in cooperation with Changzhou National High-tech Zone,” said C3Nano CEO Clifford Morris. “This center and its location are critical to our future development in China and other parts of Asia. C3Nano plays an important role in the emerging flexible display market and our customers are very happy to see our further development in China.”

About C3Nano company

C3Nano was founded in 2010 by Silicon Valley in the United States by renowned Chinese female scientists, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, and Professor Bao Zinnan of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. The company is an advanced materials company dedicated to the development of new materials and chemical technologies used in a wide range of electronic applications. C3Nano’s investors and partners include Jinshajiang Venture Capital, Phoenix Ventures, Japan Photo, Hitachi Chemical, Lansi Technology, Changchun America, and other undisclosed investors, including a top global mobile based Silicon Valley Internet technology company.

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