Aiden Acquisition, April 28, 2015

C3Nano Seals Acquisition of Asia’s Largest Manufacturer of Silver Nanowire —Aiden Co. Ltd. Korea

Deal enables rapid production at scale of new era technologies for the touch sensor and display industry

Hayward, Calif., — April 28, 2015 — C3Nano, Inc., the performance leader in transparent conductive films (TCFs) for the touch sensor and display industry announced today that it has acquired the major supplier of silver nanowire (AgNW) in Asia, Aiden Co. Ltd. of Korea. Recognized as the quality and manufacturing leader in AgNWs, Aiden’s breakthroughs in synthesizing uniform AgNWs at large scale is fueling important innovations in touch sensor applications. In addition to establishing a vertically integrated AgNW supply, the acquisition provides C3Nano a gateway to the critical display market in Korea and greater Asia.

“This deal positions C3Nano with a global footprint to provide the industry’s highest performing transparent conductive ink at manufacturing volumes. We are at scale today,” said Cliff Morris, C3Nano’s CEO. “Our partnership means C3Nano’s Silicon Valley operations can continue to focus on ink production and R&D for advanced formulations while Aiden focuses on what they do better than anyone else—produce at volume the best AgNWs in the world.”

“Our two companies coming together is a perfect fit because of the clear synergies between Aiden’s production capacity and C3Nano’s formidable IP on ink formulations, thin films, processing and devices,” said Mr. Jinhaeng Lee, founder and CEO of Aiden Co. Ltd. “Both of our companies share a commitment to maintain the highest standard of product excellence with a united vision to deliver new and unique technologies to the consumer electronics industry and beyond.”

The Aiden acquisition solidifies C3Nano’s position as a complete solution provider of premium TCFs for the flexible display, touch sensor, photovoltaic and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) industries.

About C3Nano, Inc.

Founded in 2010 as a spinout from Professor Zhenan Bao’s chemical engineering laboratory at Stanford University, C3Nano is the developer of the solution-based, transparent conductive inks and films as direct replacements for indium tin oxide (ITO). C3Nano has raised more than $20 million in funding to date, which has enabled the company to quickly achieve best in class ink formulations and expanded production capabilities. C3Nano is headquartered in Silicon Valley with an industry leading manufacturing base in Korea. Visit

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