ActiveGrid™ Film

The highest performing ITO alternative

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C3Nano ActiveGrid™ films provide the highest conductivity with the best optical quality in the market. Typical applications for ActiveGrid coated PET films are touch sensors, OLED lighting, OLED displays, EMI shielding, smart windows, E-paper, LCDs and solar cells


  • NanoGlue® Technology: Transparent conductive films with high conductivity, superb light transmission and color properties
  • Highly stable, optically clear PET base films
  • Topaz™: b* control technology – further reduction in b* of up to 0.5 available
  • Product can be provided in wide roll widths, various film thicknesses or with protective films and hard coats.
  • Other substrate materials such as PC, COP, PEN, COC and glass are available upon request.