Activegrid™ Film

The highest performing ITO alternative

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C3Nano Activegrid™ films provide the highest conductivity with the best optical quality in the market. Typical applications for Activegrid™ coated films are touch sensors, transparent heaters, OLED displays and lighting, EMI shielding, smart windows, E-paper, LCDs and photovoltaics. 


  • Nanoglue® Technology: Delivers the industry’s best optical performance.
  • Gen 7: Low haze, high conductivity, superb light transmission, and color properties.
  • High stable / optically clear on PET, COP, and Transparent Polyimide (TPI™) based films.
  • Topaz™: b* control technology – further reduction in b* of up to 0.5 available.
  • Provided in wide roll widths at 1.3 meters capable of supporting up to 86″ touch sensors.