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C3Nano is First Company to Successfully Develop Commercially Viable and Scalable Transparent Conductor Based on Nanoscale Metallic Fused Conductors

Silicon Valley, CA – February 15, 2019 – C3Nano Inc., the world’s performance leader in transparent conductive inks and films used in flexible displays, touchscreens and other products refutes the claims made by Taiwan-based Cambrios in its attempt to initiate an inter partes review (IPR) related to the validity of one of C3Nano’s United States patents. Since inception in 2010, C3Nano has conducted R&D in the chemical fusing of conductive nanostructures, and is widely recognized by leading global customers as the first company to successfully develop a commercially viable and scalable transparent conductor based on nanoscale metallic fused conductors, with performance exceeding that of all other competitive technologies.  Cambrios is a subsidiary of CAM Holding Co., British Virgin Islands, a related party of TPK Holding Co., Ltd headquartered in Xiamen and Taiwan, China

C3Nano has a large number of core patents protecting its commercial products including inks and films, as well as customers’ devices. The subject patent, number 9,183,968, is related to C3Nano’s unique technology based on fusing nanomaterials.

“C3Nano will enforce its patents to protect its valuable proprietary technology, which has resulted in superior products,” said Cliff Morris, CEO of C3Nano.  “Preemptive attacks by Cambrios or other patent infringers will not thwart these efforts.”


Recently, C3Nano has won several key business opportunities over Cambrios/CAM Holding Co. Ltd. and other competitors due to the superior performance of C3Nano products. C3Nano has observed increased media campaigns, including frivolous intellectual property claims, by competitors attempting to detract from C3Nano’s gain in worldwide market share.  It is well known in the industry that C3Nano’s unique and proprietary technology, NanoGlue™, is the critical enabler of the fusing of nanowires to alleviate junction resistance and create the superior performance needed for foldable devices and Tier 1 applications such as smart phones and tablets. The science and engineering behind NanoGlue have been validated globally by multiple customers as well as independent experts.

Cambrios, originally Cambrios Technologies Corporation, was an MIT spin-off that went into insolvency in 2016.  Public information indicates that over 80 million USD in equity had been invested and possibly lost by multiple U.S. and international investors. The company was liquidated with the assets auctioned off and purchased by Champ Great International Corporation, an entity whose name veils its connection to TPK Holding Co.

As a reincarnated Cambrios tries to restart its business under new ownership and management, it has sought quick monetization of the patents acquired from the defunct U.S. company. In comparison, C3Nano has benefited from stable management and R&D talent to advance its technology multiple generations ahead of competitors, and has industriously focused on commercialization of its technology to deliver the best performance and value to customers.

Recent patent-related action by Cambrios represents ongoing fallout from the May 2018, Society for Information Display (SID) conference in Los Angeles, when Cambrios’ lead scientist presented data that raised questions among industry players of Cambrios’ possible infringement of C3Nano’s fusing IP.

C3Nano began as a four-person startup, spun off from Stanford University. C3Nano is well known in the industry for its high ethical standards, respect of IP, and research and development philosophy that do not violate any known valid IP. C3Nano has strong customer loyalty because of its leading product performance and technical support. C3Nano will enforce its patents to protect its valuable proprietary technology and superior products.

About C3Nano, Inc.

Founded in 2010 as a spinout from Stanford University, C3Nano is an advanced materials company focused on developing new materials and chemistries for a wide range of electronic applications. C3Nano’s investors and partners include GSR Ventures, Nissha Printing Co., Ltd., Phoenix Venture Partners, Hitachi Chemical, Lens Technology, Nagase America, and several undisclosed investors, including a top global mobile and internet technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley.


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C3Nano Asia Production Center opens in Changzhou Binkai District! Here will stand at the forefront of transparent conductive technology…

Bin Changzhou Development Zone in Changzhou National High-tech Zone. See original article.

On December 4th, C3Nano (C3Nano), the core technology of touch, display and flexible electronics industry, and the leader of transparent silver-based conductive technology, announced the official opening of the scale production center of Binjiang International Enterprise Port. It will also become C3Nano’s Asian production center and China headquarters. Wang Yuwei, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, deputy director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, deputy head of the district, and Dan Dayou, director of the Binkai District Management Committee, and other relevant departments of the city and district participated in the event.

The official opening of the production center is critical to supporting the growing demand for flexible touch and OLED displays, which are core components of the next generation of flexible handsets and other flexible mobile devices worldwide.C3Nano’s first performance transparent conductive film has recently been successfully selected as a key supply resource for a next-generation flexible display product, and is widely recognized by industry colleagues as a leading supplier to this key industry.

Wang Yuwei said “It is a pleasure to work with C3Nano and its management team to fully support the key materials needed to produce this global display industry in the high-tech zone. Looking forward to establishing a successful partnership with C3Nano.”

Cliff Morris, C3Nano CEO said “We are proud to partner with the Changzhou National High-tech Zone to set up our scale production center, which is critical to our future development in China and other parts of Asia. C3Nano plays an important role in the emerging flexible display market, and our customers are very happy to see our further development in China.”

Read more HERE.

C3Nano Announces the Opening of its First Mass Production Factory in China

Hayward, California U.S.A. and Changzhou, China, December 4, 2018 – C3Nano, Inc. the leader in silver nanowire-based transparent conductive technologies for the touch sensor, display, and flexible electronics industry, today announced the grand opening of its mass production factory in Changzhou, China.

Built in partnership with the National High-Tech District of Changzhou, China, the 14,373 square foot facility will serve as C3Nano’s Asian manufacturing center and headquarters in China. C3Nano China will focus on the manufacturing of its ActiveGrid™ family of performance-leading transparent conductive inks and films. The state-of-the-art facility will also house C3Nano’s Asia customer service operations, supply chain and R&D.

Mr. Wang Yuwei, Vice Director of Administrative Committee of Changzhou National High-Tech District, stated, “We are delighted to work with C3Nano and their management team to support the manufacturing of this very critical product for the global display industry in the Changzhou National High-Tech District. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

The December 2018 grand opening of the facility is critical in supporting the growing demand for flexible touch sensors and OLED displays, which serve as vital components in the next generation of flexible phones and other mobile devices sold worldwide.

C3Nano, with its best-in-class transparent conductive films, has recently been selected as the key supply source for one of the world’s next-generation flexible displays, and is widely recognized as, the leading supplier in this key industrial space.

“We are proud to partner with the Changzhou National High-Tech District in the creation of our mass production facility,” commented Clifford Morris, CEO of C3Nano. “This facility and its location are crucial to our future growth in China and the rest of Asia. C3Nano plays an important role in the emerging flexible display market and our customers are pleased to see us expand into China.”


C3 Nano Featured at Display Week 2018 by Manager Melanie Inouye

May 17, 2018

HAYWARD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–C3Nano, Inc., the performance leader in transparent conductive inks and films for the touch sensor, display and flexible electronics industry, announced today that co-founder and CTO, Dr. Ajay Virkar will present at SID’s Display Week 2018 symposium and conference, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA., May 20-25, 2018.

The presentation, ‘ActiveGrid™: A Flexible Solution Processed Transparent Conductor with Excellent Optical Properties’ will highlight C3Nano’s unique technology, utilizing novel chemistries and materials to create the highest performing, flexible transparent conductor. The underlying physical chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics of ActiveGrid™ formation will also be described, as will advanced technologies related to manipulating and improving optics and flexibility. May 23, 2018, 10:40am, LA Convention Center, Room 515B.

Post by Sri Peruvemba, November 15, 2017

Display Week 2018, May 25-27, 2018, will again take place among the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles, where the display elite meet and greet, and share the most significant advances in the field. More than 200 exhibitors

“For C3Nano, SID’s, Display Week 2017 offered some of the best networking opportunities,” said Cliff Morris, CEO of C3Nano. “We met with customers, suppliers and ecosystem partners, all in the same location. It was a highly productive event for us. We have already marked our calendar to attend next year.”

Headlining Display Week 2018 is the highly anticipated International Technical Symposium, which will focus on advancements in these fast-moving technologies:artificial intelligence and AR/VRwearable displays, sensors and devices; and quantum dots and micro-LEDs. There’s still time to submit your paper for consideration (see below for details).

And that’s just the beginning! Display Week is known for unveiling the world’s newest technologies and leading-edge thinking. And 2018 will be no exception, as we continue our exclusive I-Zone, an exhibition-within-an-exhibition where you’ll see demonstrations of pre-market products that will someday soon change the way we work, live and play. Check out the highlights from the 2017 I-Zone.

For 2018, we’re also unveiling our first-ever CEO panel discussion, “Lessons Learned,” to give you a view from the top of what it takes to succeed; and our Women in Tech event (which debuted in 2017) will reach new heights with perspectives and expertise from a panel of today’s most prominent female professionals. You can also expect world-renowned keynotes to take center stage and give you the insider’s view of our dynamic and ever-expanding field.

Additionally, Display Week 2018 will include exceptional opportunities for professional growth and education, including our Business Track and Market Focus Conferences, Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminars, where industry leaders will tackle today’s hottest topics and shed light on the innovations expected tomorrow.

There’ll be a lot to see, learn, touch and test at Display Week 2018, so mark your calendars now, and watch for upcoming news about registration and new programming. Display Week 2018 is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

We’ll see you in L.A.

The last time we took a serious look at technologies for replacing ITO in transparent conductors, Cambrios was the leading purveyor of silver nanowires (AgNWs). Cambrios was battling metal mesh technology to see who would lead in displacing ITO. But ITO refused to be displaced, and Cambrios found it had invested heavily to prepare itself for a market that was developing too slowly.

Cambrios, painfully, had to liquidate itself in a pennies on the dollar auction. And it was then that the calvary — the Taiwanese calvary — rode to the rescue. Leading touch-panel manufacturer TPK, which had been a customer of Cambrios, bought up the important pieces. Now, TPK is building fabs for manufacturing AgNW ink with the Cambrios technology and is investing heavily.

But with Cambrios now part of TPK, is there an opening for an independent AgNW producer, especially if has a technology it claims is superior to that of Cambrios?

Before it was ingested by TPK, Cambrios was not the only maker of silver-based inks for flexible, transparent conductors, even though it was the largest one. Others ran into the same problem as Cambrios (they were ready but the market wasn’t), and some interesting technologies went by the board. (TPK Will Produce Silver Nanowire Products – subscription required)

A small development-stage company — C3Nano — continued to develop its technology and is now sampling its ink and preparing for pilot roll-to-roll film manufacturing.

See more at

C3Nano Inc. announced the issuance of two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 17, 2015.

US Patent 9,150,746 titled “Metal Nanowire Inks for The Formation of Transparent Conductive Films with Fused Nano Networks” was issued on October 6, 2015 and U.S. Patent 9,183,968 was issued on November 10, 2015.

The patents cover the use of the C3Nano’s proprietary NanoGlue™ and its transparent conductive ActiveGrid™ ink and films. The use of ActiveGrid™ inks incorporate C3Nano’s proprietary NanoGlue™ chemistries which form a single nano-structured grid engendering the highest performing solution-based transparent conductive film.

C3Nano Inc. Co-Founder, Ajay Virkar to Speak about ActiveGrid™ at Printed Electonics 2015 Conference | Nov 18-19, 2015

Ajay Virkar will present ‘An Overview of ActiveGrid™ High Performance Transparent Conductors’ at the Printed Electronics 2015 Conference, the world’s largest conference and exhibition for printed electronics, taking place November 18-19 in Santa Clara, California.

C3Nano Inc. Co-Founder, Ajay Virkar to Speak about ActiveGrid™ Ink at AIMCAL 2015 | Oct 16, 2015

Ajay Virkar will present ‘New Materials for Solution Coated Transparent Conductors’ at the October 25-28 AIMCAL 2015 Conference taking place in Naples Florida, and attended by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) and others.

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Nissha Partners with C3Nano

Solid State Technology – Insights for Electronics Manufacturing | April 30, 2015

C3Nano seals acquisition of Asia’s largest manufacturer of silver nanowire, Aiden Co. Ltd. Korea


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