From Military & Aerospace Technology – Demand for OLED flexible displays to grow by 19 percent this year

Original article from Military & Aerospace Technology

CAMBRIDGE, England – Global demand for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays will grow by nearly 19 percent this year, rising from $25.5 billion in 2018 to $30.3 billion in 2019, predict analysts at market researcher IDTechEx in Cambridge, England.

OLED industry investment from 2016 to 2018 is leading to truly flexible OLED displays – foldable displays being the first commercial example of that — expected this year, analysts say.

The report covers OLED displays applications in wearable electronics; automotive; industrial and professional equipment; cell phones, tablets and computers; TV; MICRO OLED; gaming consoles; cameras; appliances; and other consumer electronics. The study breaks the market down to glass based OLED displays; flexible and rigid plastic-based OLED displays; and flexible and foldable OLED displays.

IDTechEx market experts made their predictions in the report, OLED Display Forecasts and Technologies 2019-2029: The Global Rise of Flexible and Foldable Displays.

OLEDs for cell phones dominate the OLED sector, comprising of 81 percent of market revenue in 2018. The second largest sector for OLED flexible displays is TVs which are 16 percent of the market in 2018. OLED TVs are 40 percent of the market by area of display. The third largest OLED application is wearables, which is 2 percent of the total OLED display market value and 0.4 percent by area in 2018.

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The thinness, flexibility, and appearance of OLED display are more popular choices for wearable applications than are liquid crystal displays (LCDs). OLED panel makers include Samsung; LG Display; AUO, Sony; JOLED; BOE; CSOT; EverDisplay (EDO); Tianma; Visionox; and Skyworth.

The report also covers quantum dot display technologies in edge optic; film type; color filter; on chip; and emissive. The report also covers other flexible display and lighting types, including electrophoretic displays; flexible lcd displays; electrowetting displays; AC electroluminescent displays; thermochromic displays; electrochromic displays; OLED lighting; and flexible LED lighting.

The report includes technology analysis and detailed forecasts by market segment and display type, with additional assessment of Quantum Dot Displays, E-Paper Displays and other Flexible Displays. The report provides a assessment of OLED display technologies and markets in addition to the progress with other emerging display technologies including quantum dots and electrophoretic displays.

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