C3Nano’s Statement Regarding Korean Court Case

Hayward, California U.S.A. (July 11, 2018) – C3Nano, Inc. (“C3Nano”), the leader in silver nanowire based transparent conductive technologies for the touch sensor, display, and flexible electronics industry, was informed that a court in Korea has found its former Korean subsidiary and certain employees thereof not guilty of technology charges relating to another Korean company.

In the legal proceeding, the individuals were accused of taking technology from a Korean company in 2012 and 2013, years before C3Nano established its subsidiary in Korea in 2015. C3Nano had no knowledge of, nor any connection to the Korean individuals’ alleged actions. None of the technology in question had been or will ever be used by C3Nano and the company has since closed its Korean subsidiary.

C3Nano’s operations were never significantly impacted by the Korean court case. C3Nano’s technology and products, generations ahead of competition in performance and reliability, are adopted by the largest technology and manufacturing companies from the U.S., China, and Japan, who only select solutions supported by strong, proprietary intellectual property and R&D capability.

C3Nano is aware of reports in media originated by some competitors, insinuating that C3Nano was involved with the subject of the Korean court case. C3Nano will take appropriate legal action against the spreading of misinformation that attempts to slander its reputation.


About C3Nano, Inc.

Founded in 2010 as a spinout from Professor Zhenan Bao’s chemical engineering laboratory at Stanford University, C3Nano is an advanced materials company focused on developing new materials and chemistries for a wide range of electronic applications. C3Nano’s investors and partners include GSR Ventures, Nissha Printing Co., Ltd., Phoenix Venture Partners, Hitachi Chemical, Lens Technology, Nagase America, and several undisclosed investors, including a top global mobile and internet technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley.
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C3Nano 关于韩国法院案件的声明
美国加利福尼亚州海沃德市(2018 年 7 月 11 日)– C3Nano, Inc. (“C3Nano”), 触摸传感器、 显示器和柔性电子行业所涉的纳米银线透明导电技术领导者,获悉被卷入某韩国公司技术 纠纷案的前韩国子公司及某些前子公司员工,就被控诉的罪行获得韩国法院判决无罪。

在诉讼中,被告个人(前子公司员工)被指控在 2012 和 2013 年间从韩国某公司获取技术, 声称的事发时间比 C3Nano 设立韩国子公司的 2015 年早几年。C3Nano 对韩国个人被指控 的行为不知情,也毫无关联。该案中的存疑技术从来没有,未来也绝对不会被 C3Nano 使 用,C3Nano 已关闭其在韩国的子公司。

C3Nano 的运营从未因韩国法院案件受到严重影响。 C3Nano 的技术和产品,其性能和可 靠性几代次领先竞争对手,并且被最大的美国、中国和日本科技和制造公司采用,而这些 客户只会选择有强大自有知识产权和研发能力支持的解决方案。

C3Nano 了解到个别竞争对手通过媒体报道,暗指 C3Nano 涉及了韩国法院案件。C3Nano 将对任何散播错误信息试图诽谤其声誉的行为采取法律维权行动。

关于 C3Nano,Inc.
C3Nano 成立于 2010 年,是斯坦福大学鲍哲南教授化学工程实验室转化出来的先进材料 公司,致力于为各种电子应用开发新材料和化学品。 C3Nano 的投资者和合作伙伴包括 GSR Ventures,Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.,Phoenix Venture Partners,Hitachi Chemical,Lens Technology, Nagase America 以及一些未公开的投资者,包括一家总部位于硅谷的全球顶 尖移动和互联网科技公司。

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