Zhenan Bao Receives L’Oreal-UNESCO 2017 Women In Science Intl. Award in ‘Physical Sciences’

C3Nano Founding Board Member and Stanford University Professor of Chemical Engineering, Zhenan Bao, is one of five women to receive the L’Oreal-UNESCO 2017 Women In Science International Award in ‘Physical Sciences’ representing North America.

Bao was honored for her “outstanding contribution to and mastery of the development of novel functional polymers for consumer electronics, energy storage and biomedical applications.”

Proposed by an international community of more than 2,000 leading scientists, the five laureates were selected by an independent international jury presided by Professor Christian Amatore, of the French Académie des Sciences. Bao will receive a prize of €100,000 to reward for her contribution to science.

Earlier in the year, Bao was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering for her contribution to the synthesis, design, and application of organic semiconductors for flexible electronics.