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How Do Foldable Phones Work, And When Will I Get One?


Original article by ANDREW HEINZMAN for How-To Geek Foldable phones might be the strangest and most revolutionary tech of 2019. But how do these things work, and when will we get the chance to buy them? What Makes These Phones Foldable? Sure,…

New Samsung UHD OLED Display Already Making Major Inroads into Premium Notebook/Laptop Market


Original article on Jan 24, 2019 ㆍWorld’s first 15.6-inch UHD (ultra-high definition) OLED panel to be mass produced beginning next month ㆍCombining ultra-high resolution and leading-edge HDR support in helping to take video streaming and gaming to the next level…

All the Latest Tech from the CES 2019 Gadget Show (see photos!)


Original article by Smart Tech for CNBCTV18   The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organised by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies. The show, which is being held in Las Vegas this year, holds more than…