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Touchscreens You Can Wear


TRENDING  by Josh Ye  The world’s thinnest rollable screen is coming… to your T-shirt It’s like a personal screen (that you can’t see) Want to show off your Fortnite skills everywhere you go? Try streaming it straight to your shirt. Chinese company…

The Challenges of Creating Foldable and Flexible Displays


Foldable and flexible display prototypes are exciting developments that could bear fruit as early as 2019. But there are things phone makers should consider before rushing in. ByTim Bajarin for PC Magazine In a recent column, I highlighted some of the…

This flexible fingerprint sensor can measure temperature


Indo Asian News Service IANS India Private Limited 6 July 2018 Scientists have developed a flexible and transparent smartphone fingerprint scanner that can even measure your temperature and pressure to make sure that the fingerprint placed on the scanner is actually that…