Ultra-Hard, Ultra-Thin, Scratch Resistant Clear Hard Coat

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C3nano ActiveguardHC™ hard coat delivers > 3H hardness at 100nm thin layer coating, while maintaining flexibility around 1.0 mm mandrel.

ActiveguardHC™ provides excellent scratch resistance and durability with superb optical clarity, and is compatible with a wide variety of substrates and processing techniques.


  • Thin layer coating (100nm) with good scratch resistance and hardness > 3H.
  • ActiveguardHC™ coating is flexible around a 1.0 mm mandrel, while retaining its ultra-hard properties.
  • Provides protection during touch sensor processing, hence improving manufacturing yield.
  • No impact on optical properties.
  • ActiveguardHC™ hard-coat was designed as the hardest coating available on a flexible film, rated up to 9H, as measured on the Mohs hardness scale.