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The highest performing ITO alternative

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C3nano Activegrid™ is a new material made by chemically fusing metallic nanowires into a singular nanoscale grid. Activegrid™ is incredibly flexible and is the highest performing ITO alternative; resistance, transmission, and haze values of Activegrid™ are far better than ITO on plastics.


  • Conductive films with high conductivity as well as superb light transmission and color properties
  • Highly stable, optically clear PET base films
  • Product can be provided in wide roll widths, various film thicknesses or with protective films and hard coats. Other substrate materials such as PC, COP, PEN, COC and glass are available upon request.
  • C3nano provides custom solutions for a variety of applications and unique user requirements. We are prepared to work with you to develop a film solution that meets your specific needs.